Welcome to TeachPi.org, the first and best place on the Web for teachers who want to find or share ideas for Pi Day activities, learning, and entertainment. We believe that promoting an enthusiasm for learning, through celebration and creativity, will lead only to a richer classroom environment and a deeper appreciation of mathematics.

Besides being a center for teaching ideas and resources, we’ve become your first stop for funny, smart, tongue-in-cheek tributes to the number pi. Our original rap hit, “Lose Yourself (In The Digits),” a parody of the well-known Eminem hit, has been performed live in front of thousands of students, and has been enjoyed by teachers and students in classrooms around the world. The release of our original sappy love ballad, “Loving Pi,” has found a large audience as well. We will continue to create our own content, and share your best ideas and music with your fellow teachers and math lovers.

Finally, we believe that mathematics classes are far too often isolated from other subjects, whereas courses like English and History often overlap and interact. To this end, we will strive to produce interdisciplinary content, both in stories and activities, for use either inside a math classroom, or as a way to invite other teachers to share in a school-wide Pi Day celebration.

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About the Founder

Luke Anderson, who founded TeachPi.org in 2006, is a leading voice in the celebration of Pi Day and the promotion of Pi’s history as a tool to advance the widespread appreciation of math.  For more than 20 years, Luke has engaged audiences of all ages (4 to 84) at Pi Day events around the country.  His speaking venues have included the National Museum of Mathematics, Harvard University, colleges and universities in California, Colorado, and Minnesota, private companies, and numerous K-12 schools.  He is a frequent contributor to Pi-related stories in the media, including CBS News and the Wall Street Journal.  His efforts have been cited on NPR, in Newsweek, Bloomberg News, and various local TV, print, and public radio outlets.

Luke can be found on Twitter around March 14 at @PiDayGuy.

About the Rapper

Pi Diddy has written several original Pi Day songs, including “Lose Yourself (In The Digits)” and “Loving Pi,” and has performed them live for audiences across the country.  His songs have achieved success on both YouTube and iTunes.  Curiously, he and Luke Anderson have never appeared in a Pi Day celebration together; well, at least not at the same time.

Make sure to check in with us each year as Pi Day approaches, or any time you’re teaching about pi, to see what fun and useful things we might have in store for you. Thanks for visiting TeachPi.org, and please, write us and tell us what you’d like to see here. Pi is our favorite number, and together let’s make this pi’s favorite Web site.

Thanks, and Happy Pi Day!